Globetrottin' Athletes Network

A one of a kind network for International School Student Athletes.

Join athletic programs around the world with access to exclusive content for promoting leadership, education, scholarship opportunities and more.

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Content from Student Athletes Around the World 

When your school joins GAN, your school can submit athlete profiles, content submissions, and more. Give your students the chance to be content creators for a world wide audience!

Leadership From

Professionals and World Leaders

GAN will have monthly keynote speakers plus weekly content from industry professionals that will be exclusively made and intentionally curated for international school students and educators.


Welcome to the GAN!

Want to know more about the GAN? Watch this short video to hear four board members explain why they are excited about the GAN and how you can join!

Partnering with the Challenged Athletes Foundation

We are thrilled to make a difference in the lives of challenged athletes through our international community.